Princess Jasmine’s Eyes 

Written by: La’Toya Nicole Fletcher


I got my professional start when I was approached at a wedding by a photographer. He invited me to do some test shots for a calendar that he was producing. From that I was casted as Miss Kwanzaa for the month of December, chosen as one of four models on the front cover, and featured on the inside cover.     

I started to fully embrace my curves when my ex-husband and I separated. I was depressed and was not feeling so great about my body. I began to say yes to photographers, videographers and boutiques who had asked me to model. As I noticed my popularity growing on social media, it empowered me express more of myself. 

fashion It’s important to share our stories with others. We may not realize it, but there is always someone watching us. If I can encourage or inspire someone to accept herself or himself, then I proudly accept the call. No matter how many back rolls, hanging bellies and flabby arms that may come with time, you are still beautiful and you are so worth it. 



For those starting their body positive journey, be honest with yourself. For the longest time I was in denial about my dress sizes going up. Then I realized that my size did not affect my great fashion sense. Eat what you love and embrace all of you because you are an original!  


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