Photography by Katiuska Idrovo

Co-founders of the Canadian Curvies, Sarah, Daniela, Yolanda and Catherine are four Canadian women and models from different walks of life with a shared passion for body positivity and fashion.  This past July, they officially launched the organization with a shoot that commemorated Canada’s 150th birthday, and celebrated curvy Canadian women’s bodies as they posed in red swimsuits on Woodbine Beach in Toronto, Canada.

“They shared their stance on body positivity and diversity, self-love and confidence, and discussed their passion for fashion.  They also voiced their stance on the fact that they want Canadian plus size models to receive more recognition in the plus size industry, which is predominantly dominated by American talent. Lastly, the women discussed their controversial view that sought to combat that just because their bodies are plus size, does not mean that they are not healthy. This is a core pillar to their organization – celebrating curvy Canadian women’s bodies and that as role models, that they encourage each and every woman to do what is right for their bodies, to ensure they feel their very best – inside and out.”

Photography by Katiuska Idrovo

Since their launch which received international coverage, the women have been overwhelmed with the love and support they have received from peers and fans.  The positive and inspiring responses only fueled the women to do more.  This past month the Canadian Curvies in collaboration with: Tia Duffy from Be Body Aware, Meredith Shaw, Sarah Ehsani, Karyn Inder, Bree Ahmed, Ophilia Alleyne, Tierra Sedgemore, Caterina Moda, Michelle Woitowich, Austen Niel, Melissa Shannon, Ashley Sharman and new to the industry, Rebecca Chalmers participated in an extra special project #projectred

The objective of the shoot was to celebrate the women who inspire and act as role models the Canadian Curvies. All of the women come from different walks of life, and different parts of the modelling world and business world, but all of them had something in common. The Canadian Curvies wanted to bring all of these powerful, confident, influential and beautiful women together to celebrate their commonalities. Co-founder Daniela Lombardi says of the group, “This is only a fraction of what Canada has to offer, there are many more of us and we stand united to say “Hey, Canada’s plus models represent!”.

The colour red was chosen for the shoot as a continuation of their summer campaign, but specifically because it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a powerful and emotionally-intense colour that makes a statement, and the women wanted the final result to be exactly that – a powerful statement of Canadian curvy women standing united, together in all their glory.

The Canadian Curvies also had the opportunity to interview all the women, and they shared their feelings and opinions about the present and future for curve and plus, the Canadian industry and their hopes for 2018 in our community.

Photography by Katiuska Idrovo

Project Red will launch online on December 1st. The shoot concept was devised by the Canadian Curvies, together with renowned Toronto based photographer, Katiuska Idrovo, her assistant Bianca Calderon and an incredible HMUA team: Shaquilla M. December (Hair), Beauty Catered (HMUA), Jakki Polyoka (MUA), Nikkie Selvino (MUA), Theresa Palomino (MUA), Sarah B. Awuah (MUA), Shanice Sharpe (MUA), Jessica Haisinger, Petula Petrie (MUA).

To support this project, we ask that you share on social media beginning December 1st, 2017 where various media outlets, magazines and plus size industry groups will be spreading the word.  While the Canadian plus size industry might be viewed as small – there is a dedicated, passionate and influential group of Canadian curvies that are working to make meaningful change to our communities. We are coming at you, full steam ahead – so be prepared for all we will accomplish as a collective in 2018!

2017 has been an incredible year for the Canadian Curvies, and we cannot wait to share what we have in store for 2018… follow to stay tuned for what will come next!

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