Breaking the Limitation Barriers as a Fat Couple 

By Corey Belden 

curvy love

For any couple finding activities to do together is important. For a fat couple, it can be difficult to find activities that they both enjoy, and can participate in. As a fat woman there are certain activities that I simply cannot participate in. It is not necessarily due to my size, but due to the fact that I am simply out of shape. Too many people, both fat and average size alike think because you are a fatty that you cannot be physically fit; this is simply not true. As larger people we can fully participate in activities, we just have to work a little bit harder to do so.  

My partner and I used to be much more physically fit than we are now. While we still love to walk, travel and hike, the sad fact is that our intensity level has dropped over the last couple of years. This is mostly due to me, because we started a business two years ago and work seven days a week, and I went from being very active to literally sitting for 12-16 hours a day. Last winter, I did not leave the house for nearly two months, and as a result my muscles started to atrophy. When I first started to leave the house in the spring, I could barely walk, I had to sit every five minutes, and lean on a cart when we ran errands. I did not feel like myself, I felt so defeated.  

curvy loveWe all have different levels of fitness, and I know that some people have never worked out and they are worse off than I was to begin with, but we can all push ourselves to be better, and fitter. We cannot let our size stop us from continuing to be active, and find activities that we enjoy. As an over 300 pound, nearly six-foot-tall woman, I have been to several countries, and have been stared at for that, and my red hair, but I have not let that stop me. I hiked over 100 stairs down into a cavern in the Bahamas, (that people half my size had trouble with), walked non-stop for several hours, snorkeled, and so many more activities, and every time I held my head high. My partner and I are not small people, both in girth and height, and may seem intimidating, but we keep chugging, doing what we enjoy, and we will keep doing it. Do what you love no matter what! curvy love

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