Fall is a time for renewal and new beginnings.  The leaves are changing, the kids are back to school and life seems to have more color.

Here are three tips for self-renewal during this magical time of year:

  1. Declutter your space

Your environment has a huge effect on the way you think and feel.  If what you see around you is messiness, disorganization, and clutter, your brain will link those things to what is going on inside of you.  Get rid of things you don’t need, things you don’t use, are outdated or broken.  Give your house a good spring cleaning.  By cleaning up your actual space, you will create a feeling of spaciousness within you.  This will give you more room for new ideas to come in.  It’s the perfect way to make room for new beginnings.

  1. Let go

If something isn’t working anymore, let it go!  Take a look at your relationships, your work, your social life, your health and wellbeing.  If those areas are anything less than inspiring to you, decide what you need to let go of and move on towards something better.  Make a commitment to change things in your life so that you are happier, vibrant, and more fulfilled.

  1. Take responsibility for your life

Maybe it’s time to give up your story.  You know that favorite story that you keep playing in your head.  That story that says you aren’t good enough, thin enough, smart enough or rich enough?  By making the decision to give up your story, you will instantly feel lighter.  You will be relieved of a lot of misery.  Decide to give up your story, take responsibility for your life, and move forward!  Your best life awaits.

By Goergee Low – Decide Your Life

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