Revamp Your Media Consumption

by Amy Pence-Brown; website | instagram

The kinds of media we consume – from music to film to the internet – can really shape our worldview and our view of ourselves. A very important step for me on my journey to radical body positivity started with critically examining what kinds of news sources or social media I was using and why. How were they making me feel about my body and my worth? Here are four easy ways to revamp your media.  

  1. Make sure you are following people on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat that build you up and make you feel good about yourself, not worse. Follow a radical fat woman of color on Instagram, an intersectional feminist on Twitter and celebrities using their fame for good and change on Snapchat. There are so many extraordinary people of all genders creating their own powerful media.
  2. If you’re into listening to podcasts while you walk or work, there are some powerful body positive ones that are free to download and a good way to add more internalized power to your body positive game, including Food Psyche, Fearless Rebelle Radio and Bad Fat Broads.  
  3. While large-bodied characters on television have historically been reduced to roles of the comedic sidekick or the butt of jokes, recently there has been an uptick in some that have positively changed the landscape of TV, including Mike & Molly, Drop Dead Diva and This Is Us. Add them to your queue to watch.  
  4. Unfollow companies that try to get you to buy things to make your life better because they will not. Consumerism is at the root of so much of our societal fatphobia and body shame. Instead, give a like to pages, businesses, and companies that promote diversity, equality, and feminism.  
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