Whether you want to play in a band or simply elevate your guitar skills, figuring out how to get started playing electric guitar may require a helping hand. It takes much more than the right equipment to get your guitar to sing your favorite rock songs. Find out what it takes to start playing electric guitar.

Acquire Necessary Equipment

To play the electric guitar, you’ll need more than a solid-body instrument. In addition to having the right gear, it’s important to know how to use your equipment correctly. For instance, knowing how to choose the right amp can enhance your sound. Basic items needed to get started playing include:

  • Instrument
  • Amps
  • Picks
  • Strings
  • Cables
  • Guitar strap
  • Tuner
  • Capo

Know the Parts of a Guitar

Understanding the basic components of your guitar will help you play better. One of the reasons some people prefer electric guitars over acoustics is because they give you more opportunities to experiment with the sound. Unique features you may find on an electric guitar that you won’t find on an acoustic one include:

  • Pickups
  • Whammy bar
  • Tone and volume controls

Learn Basic Chords

Learning different chords is the most frustrating part of playing guitar, whether you play electric or acoustic. You may struggle with memory, finger placement, or reach. Playing guitar doesn’t come naturally to most people, so the key is to practice until it feels right. You’ll figure out the best way to attain each chord the more you play.

Take Lessons From Experienced Artists

The quickest way to learn how to play the electric guitar is with a teacher. Whether you take lessons online or find someone who will teach you in person, learning from an experienced artist is priceless. Lessons won’t come cheap, but you’ll learn more from someone who plays than from a book or video.

Play With Other Musicians

As you develop your skills, you should practice to maintain your craft. One of the best ways to keep your skills sharp is to join a band or play with fellow musicians. Try to find a group with similar experience levels so you don’t feel left behind or held back. It may also help to play with people who enjoy the same style of music as you.

Don’t Give Up

Your fingers may hurt, and you may not sound like a guitar hero after your first lesson. Still, it takes passion to develop any talent. If you love music and want to play, you’ll stick to the guitar until you can shred along with your idols.

Pro Tip: Try different guitars to see if you need to switch to one that’s more comfortable for your hand. Different neck and body shapes may increase your motivation to play.

Rockstars of all generations have had to figure out how to get started playing electric guitar. Utilize their wisdom when you learn from experienced players and take guitar lessons online. You must learn chords and know the basic anatomy of a guitar; it’ll help you play like a pro every time. Before you pick up your first electric guitar, have a plan for how you’ll learn to play it.

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