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Photography by: Crave Boudior Model

Romantic Confidence by Chrystal Bougon 

While I am typically against any kind of faking it in the bedroom, this is one time where I will encourage it. (I literally own a URL called Stop Faking It, Just Have One, in case you don’t believe me about my anti-faking it mission.) 

 But, in the case of stepping into your confidence romantically, I highly recommend faking your confidence if you have to. I hope you don’t have to… but if you are dealing with not feeling self-assured in your bedroom, it could help.  Just please do not fake any orgasms.  You are only setting yourself up for future sexy-time disappointments.  

plus confidence

Photography by: Crave Boudior Model

Typically, speaking from experience, the person you’re with is probably really into you and super excited that you are into them too.  Simple as that.  Don’t question it any more than that.  If you’ve gotten to the point where the two of you are about to be intimate, the other person with you is clearly into you.  So, let your hair down.  Leave the lights on.  Look them in the eye and have some fun.  I’m positive they’ll be thrilled that you are so sexy, confident and THAT into them. 

Also, remember that resentment never leads to hot sex.  Be sure you initiate sometimes too.  Don’t leave it up to your lover every single time.  It can breed resentment in your romantic relationships when the desire and lust seem one-sided. 

Don’t waste any more time.  No regrets.  Fake it if you have to.  It will change our mindset and you’ll see your lover light up!  If you think confidence is sexy, generally speaking, wait till you see how sexy confidence is in the bedroom! 

plus confidence

Photography by: Crave Boudior Model

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