Get ready to pucker up with confidence this Winter!!

Save Your Kissers

Here’s How: As we all know, GRAPES are a delicious & healthy choice. Grapes are no doubt better known as the main ingredient in the guilty pleasure of well everyone, everywhere – sweet sweet wine. Wine, in moderation, is good for us because of it! Not so widely known though, is that inside this plump little fruit are seeds and the oil extracted from them is equally phenomenal, which is exactly why we put it in our lipgloss!

Here are just a few ways your lips will benefit in big ways from this teensy weensy seed:

1. It’s a very light oil that provides excellent non-congestive MOISTURE, which our lips practically beg us for this time of year!!!

2. If your lips have already fallen victim to the elements, apply your favorite Evelyn Iona lipgloss! The grape seed oil it contains can also speed up the healing of chapped, cracked or irritated lips 🙂

3. It helps in tightening the skin, locking in moisture and improving the elasticity of this sensitive skin. Keeping your lips lush and kissable all year ’round! To shop our awesome, natural & organic, cruelty-free, gluten free lip glosses visit us at

FUN FACT: The grape industry is the biggest food based industry in the entire world, and just one acre of these plump little fruits produces on average 15,000 glasses of wine!! A few too many for our Friday nights ha ha

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