Michelle Elman

Photography by Mim Elman


Scars – physical marks that often leave mental pain.

Michelle bears the scars of 15 surgeries that she had in her teens.  Through the surgery and recovery process, she became aware of the wonders of the body and found a gratitude for what the body can do and how it can support you through life.

Michelle grew up and faced many of the same pressures that all young women face, obsession about weight and self-loathing.  Michelle thought that this was a sad way to look at herself and her place in the world. It was around this time that she decided to stop beating herself up about her weight and to stop hating herself.

Michelle Elman

Photography by Grace Joseph

Too many people don’t appreciate what the body can do. Focussing negatively on the way you look is not the way to go through life. Michelle gained confidence from the process and decided to set up her own body confidence company to help others.

Michelle posed for a photo of herself in a bikini, baring her scars that she was no longer ashamed of. The image showed that beauty is not dictated to us by mainstream media, she stood in a bikini with her surgery scars for the entire world to see, the image went viral and she was inundated with positive feedback and people sharing their own stories. She then created the video Scarred Not Scared to show the world that dealing with scars and their effects was not a journey that people had to face alone.

Through her degree in psychology, Michelle is able to help others to develop their own confidence in their body and their life. She is able to start conversations with people about their body and change the “thin” agenda that they are exposed to in the media.

Michelle Elman

Photography by Mim Elman

Name: Michelle Elman

Social Media:

Website: http://mindsetforlife.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindset_forlife?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindsetforlifeltd/

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