Body Positive


Secrets to Self Love – Silencing Negative Self-Talk

 by Sarah Vance

Bringing it back to basics with some body-love!!

One of the single most important things you can do is to recognize your own thoughts and words about yourself. Your words and thoughts have power, what you think and say about yourself is what you’ll ultimately believe.

Becoming aware of these words is how you can take action in your own journey by calling yourself out on your own BS, and bringing awareness to what is going on within you. Which means you can finally stop giving those words power, and start rerouting those body-hate words to ones of positivity.

Start changing your words and thoughts with more body positive ones. Don’t just say some words hoping that some magical hocus-pocus is going to happen, actually have them resonate with you in something you want to believe.

You are powerful beyond belief. Speak to yourself, or to others about yourself, in a kind manner.

If you do get in a bad body day, because that happens, you can call on those words to ground you back into a world of compassion, kindness, and self-love.

One thing that can help is saying: would I say this to someone I truly love? Or how would I respond to someone I love who is going through this?

Those negative words that pop up in your head are not who you really are. They are the words of your inner mean girl, and it’s time to take the steering wheel back from her. She has had enough time driving your journey down the road of self-loathing. Put her in the back seat, roll the windows down, blast the music, and take the turn that says “Self-love”

I guarantee you will never want to turn back. Your words and thoughts are powerful, use them wisely.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!



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