Wardrobe Wednesday – Spring Ready

Jessica Hinkle

Photography by Cassia DeMayo

The thing about navigating fashion choices as a plus size woman is that people expect you to
adhere to all of these arbitrary “rules” while also being really put together because of biases put
on plus size women. I’ve never been one to care too much about anyone else’s opinions and I
don’t think fashion should come with a set of rules.

I love to wear figure-hugging pieces, bright colors, horizontal stripes, and short skirts. I believe
that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression and in order to be true to that, we shouldn’t
play by anyone’s rules.

Photography by Cassia DeMayo

When I saw this jacket, I fell in love with the print. It reminded me of time spent in Florida where
everything was hot and vibrant. It combines a very 80’s inspired tropical print with some modern
twists on stripes. The peach color is really on-trend and the tie waist means you could wear this
is a cute layered dress if you sized up.

I combined it with a denim mini-skirt I purchased second-hand. An inexpensive way to get some
dimension in a look is to combine new pieces with older or even vintage items. My earrings are
80’s clip-ons I found in a Las Vegas thrift store for $4. We live in a fast fashion world, but I really like to mix up my looks with pieces that you can’t necessarily find in stores currently.

The thing I love most about this lightweight jacket is how versatile it is. You can wear it over a
work dress, with skinny jeans, as a dress with a slip underneath, or even over your swimsuit. I
love finding pieces I can get a lot of traction out of, especially if I can bring them into multiple

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