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How to Start a Mindful Movement Practice –Krystal Thompson

Mindful movement is the practice of moving your body with awareness, noticing how your body moves and how your body feels as it moves. When we think of the term ‘exercise’, we tend to think of discrete packets of movement done for a certain length of time and resulting in a certain amount of calories burned. However, when we think of the term ‘movement’, our minds open up to all of the wonderful options movement could be. 

Mindful movement supports the idea that all movement is good movement. Mindful movement could mean getting up and moving your body every 20 minutes. Mindful movement could be tidying up the house, walking to the mailbox, having a spontaneous living room dance party, gentle yoga, etc. 

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Here are some steps you can take to begin a mindful movement practice. 

  1. Begin by checking in with your body. Ask your body what kind of movement it needs. Try to find pleasurable movement for this moment.  
  2. Practice whatever movement your body asked you for and that is accessible to you.  
  3. While you practice continue to check in with your body. If you need a break, take one. If it gives you more energy, celebrate it. Let the movement last however long it feels right. It’s all about rebuilding body trust. 
  4. After the movement check back in so you can see the results, checking in with all levels of your being: your body, your mind, your breath, and your spirit. 

Happy Mindful Movement practicing! 

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