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Start. Whatever It Is, Just Start!

Sometimes we find ourselves shying away from a new activity or feeling reluctant to revisit an old one.  ”I don’t think I will be any good at it. It’s been too long.  I won’t be able to do it anymore. Too much time has passed.”  The first step towards changing your actions – and having way more fun – is changing your mind.

But how do you overcome the doubts blocking the fun? I learned a valuable life lesson when I took improv comedy classes – jump into a situation and enthusiastically say “YES!”  No thinking is allowed, no time to block an action or to let any preconceived ideas jump into your head.  The biggest blocker, one I am sure we are all guilty of at one point or another, is the word “no” followed by a myriad of excuses. If we can just change that one “little” word, we can be on our way to new adventures.

Try these easy techniques to keep yourself open to new activities:

  • Keep it simple – The next time you are scared of trying something new, say yes, commit, and then break down the activity. If you want to try yoga and are convinced you have no flexibility and the thought of signing up for three months seems overwhelming, start with one drop-in class and ask the instructor for help adjusting the moves.
  • Think like a kid – If you are looking to revisit an activity, focus on the positive feelings you had when you did it before, without concentrating on your current perceived physical limitations or skillset.
  • Make it a challenge – Make a bet with your partner or bestie to dare one another to try something new. You could find something new that you love, or laugh your heads off while trying – or both!

There are many activities you do well and there was a first time you did them all. Practice does not always make perfect but it can make for some sweet satisfaction and enthusiastic fist pumps along the way!



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