It may have been difficult to find a lot of plus size boutiques a decade ago, but today, more and more retail stores are catering to the plus size market. Plus size ladies can now find evening gowns in their size just as easily as they can pick up a cute new bathing suit. If your plans include opening your own plus size boutique, you have to keep up with fashion trends while keeping within the budgets of your customers. Follow the helpful tips listed below to successfully promote and run your new plus size boutique.

Choose Original Pieces from a Variety of Designers  

Boutiques are retail stores that feature a range of clothing and accessories that fit a particular style or motif. For instance, a trendy plus size boutique might have a lot of miniskirts, short flirty dresses, and strappy heels. Boutiques that cater to plus size women should also have a good selection of pieces from designers, especially boutiques that have just had a grand opening. You want shoppers to have a reason to browse through each aisle, take a look at every clothing rack, and potentially find something that speaks to them. Try to have a handful of pieces from noteworthy plus size fashion designers at your boutique so that no competitors can duplicate your offerings.

Talk to Shoppers About What They’d Like to See 

Another way that you can make your plus size boutique stand out is through stellar customer service. Have knowledgeable staff on the floor available to help shoppers find what they want, tidy up your boutique, and finalize sales. While you are at it, ask individual shoppers what they think about the plus size clothing you have in your boutique, and learn if there are any different styles or brands that they would like to see offered in your shop. 

Buy and Style Plus Size Mannequins and Dress Forms 

In order to properly display the clothing, shoes, and accessories you are selling at your plus size boutique, you will be needing to purchase plenty of plus size mannequins. Boutique owners can visit Mannequin Mall to find plus size mannequins in different poses, styles, and colors – they have plus size forms which are more natural. Your plus size shoppers will be pleased to see mannequins that have similar measurements and body shapes, making it easier for them to envision how each piece will look on themselves. 

Streamline Offerings to Appeal to Your Target Market 

After a little while, you will come to see which styles, designers, and pieces are your bestsellers. Some boutique owners come to learn that business attire and evening gowns are their bestsellers, while beachwear and casual fits might work better for another boutique. Have a little of everything so that all clothing shoppers feel represented, but eventually streamlining your collections will be helpful. Streamlining the type of clothing you have in your boutique can also be benefit your branding efforts. The color scheme, font, and even your boutique logo should send a strong message to shoppers, letting them know what it is that your boutique offers before they come in through their doors. 

Plus size boutiques are being opened online and in person regularly, and shoppers don’t seem to be able to get enough of them. If you know how modern women like to dress, then you can showcase a dazzling collection of plus size attire and have it sell out in no time. Know how to present plus size clothing so that they look flattering, chic, and contemporary, and remember to style your mannequins to make each outfit pop. No matter the size of your patrons, they will spend money at your boutique if you always have something new and fresh to offer them.


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