If you love fashion, chances are you have many clothes, shoes, and accessories tucked away in your closet. Sometimes finding things can be challenging, specifically if you don’t have a system for keeping items in designated spaces. Find out how to efficiently organize your closet so that you can make the most of this space and easily plan out all your outfits!

Know What You Have

Before organizing your closet, you need to look at what you have. Knowing this is important because it prevents you from overbuying during shopping trips. There are all sorts of cute outfits at the store, but if you’ve overpacked your closet, you may not have room for more clothes.

Sort Through Items

Once you know what you have, it’s time to sort through things and decide what you no longer wear or care for. Place items into three main piles: what you want, what you don’t want, and what you’re unsure of. You can reevaluate things in the third pile once you finish going through everything.

Keep in mind that you can donate any garments despite the time of year. So as fall approaches, you may find some great summer items to donate. So place these items in the donation pile. Charities can hold onto these items until next year or give them away now and let individuals add them to their wardrobes. There’s no wrong time to give clothes away.

Create a System

Some of us keep all our winter clothes in one area and summer outfits in another. Think of an organizational system that works for you, such as:

  • Partitioning clothing based on seasonality
  • Using color-coated hangers as labels
  • Adding shelving units
  • Having a jewel box or chest for accessories

All these systems help you keep items where they belong. When everything has a place, you don’t have to rifle through everything in search of that one dress you want to wear. You could also organize clothing according to color or type, so shirts go in one area, then dresses, and so forth.

Keep It Clean

The final tip for keeping your closet organized is maintaining the system you’ve created. When you put clothes away, place them in their designated area. And when the new outfits start piling up, it’s time to sort through what you have and donate what you no longer wear. Keeping your closet tidy is the easiest way to ensure it remains organized so that you can always find the clothing item you want to wear.

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