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This year has been a trying one. I’ve become disconnected with myself, my faith, and the things I loved doing; dealing with a sick parent (who thankfully is on the right track of healing), being a single mom and all that it in tells, trying to pick up the pieces in a family business and being there for my brother…so overwhelming.  I lost myself. I felt like the life was sucked out of me. It had taken a toll on my mind, my spirit and my body. Food Is my comfort and I battled every day not to use it as my security blanket. Some days I won….some days I lost. Thankfully with the support of the incredible people in my life and people I have met along the way;  helped me get through this difficult time.

Then my grandmother passed away; that was my turning point. Going through all her beautiful memories and remembering the woman she was….just filled me with so much love and strength. It’s incredible how something so painful to me, healed me in some ways…It reminded me that life is too short, it reminded me about the long line of strong and incredible women I came from and the legacy I have to leave for my children. I will survive all this and get through it.

curvy model

As women, as a mother… we tend to lose ourselves.  We tend to forget that we too matter. It is so easy for us to get so wrapped up in everything else that we forget our goals, our aspirations…2018 has come with its highs and a lot of lows; 2019 I’m coming full force. Mind, body and soul. I promise myself to be kinder to me, to heal inside and out, to be more present with my kids and life in general.; To finish my secret project (stay tuned), for sure Mexico, and maybe travel somewhere new…To continue to push forward body positivity with all you beauties, and to remind you all daily, beauty is beyond size, self love is key, your body doesn’t define you, most importantly love the skin you’re in.  We are women. We break, we fall, we get back up again. We are made differently, all shapes and sizes. EVERY BODY is a good body. Don’t lose site on that. Be bold, be confident, be you! Dani xoxo cheers to 2019.

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