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As I started to look back on 2018 – I thought to myself it was a pretty uneventful year. I forgot about all the excitement and challenges I overcame. I brushed them off and scaled these memories and experiences down to not a big deal. Going in to 2018 I was not looking forward to being the first of my friends to turn 30, I am not sure why getting older has always been an issue for me. I began the year picking myself apart. Noticing and fixated on new wrinkles and the changes in my face. To be honest I wanted nothing more than to stay home on my birthday and pretend it didn’t happen. However, my friends and family would not allow that so we celebrated. It was shortly after that where I suddenly had enough of feeling old and comparing myself to others at my age wondering – how are they not aging? I started to unfollow anyone on Instagram who made me feel shitty and I replaced them with inspirational, self love advocates.

This year has been one of the most rewarding and eye opening years for me and I didn’t even realize it until I actually took the time to reflect. This year my strong, able and slightly clumsy body took me up  and down the massive hills of Lisbon. This body took me stand-up paddle boarding (for the first time ever) in the large ocean waters of Sagres (the Algarve). This body went skiing on the bunny hills after years of fear of embarrassment. Not only did my body overcome all of those obstacles my mind pushed me to take a leap of faith and believe in myself.

curvy model

This year I celebrated 1 year of marriage to the man of my dreams and we continue to work on our marriage and strengthen our bond. I am happier than ever in my ever changing body and mind. I am beyond excited to see what changes are coming in 2019 – I have a feeling there will be some major ones! My goal for 2019 is to continue to love myself fiercely no matter what hurdles come up (because you know they always do), to try more new things and not let fear or embarrassment get in my way and to let go of any self doubt and comparisons as soon as it pops up! Here’s to 2019!

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curvy model

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