There are so many reasons to surprise someone with a gift “just because.” Maybe you’re having a really good day and want to pass on the joy. Perhaps you were thinking of someone and want to thank them for being in your life. Maybe you remembered their birthday—four months late. You heard it here: that still counts! Anyone can get a thrill out of these gifts you can give even without an occasion.

A Blank Book

Stationery, along with cursive writing, seems to be going out of style. After all, it’s easier to type or text. And yet, it’s hard to resist a beautiful, empty journal. Choose one with a cheerful floral cover, a whimsically funny cover, a smart leather cover, or whatever you think the person will love. A blank book is always handy for jotting down notes and lists. And you might even inspire someone to pen a poem or sketch a tree.

Something Green

Flowers are always welcome, but plants are gifts with long-term benefits. They enliven a space, purify the air, and are always on-trend style-wise. A lush Japanese peace lily symbolizes purity and prosperity. Feng shui practitioners use them for balancing a home with positive energy. But you can pick up any small plant at the grocery store to make someone smile. If the person you’re thinking of doesn’t have a green thumb, a succulent might be a good, carefree choice.

A Box of Treats

Make any day into Valentine’s Day with a custom-selected box of gourmet chocolates or cookies. If you think they’d prefer a sampler of coffee or flavored popcorn, those can make for equally delicious gestures. At first, the person might wonder if they have a secret admirer. But straight-up, open admiration is even better. Everyone deserves a small indulgence now and then.

Painted Rocks

These are all truly thoughtful gifts you can give even without an occasion—and you don’t even have to have a specific recipient in mind. The Kindness Rocks Project began in 2015 when a woman painted the phrase, “You got this,” on a rock and left it on a beach in Cape Cod for anyone to find. Acrylic paint costs next to nothing, and you can include the kids in a DIY session. Paint rainbows, messages, inspirational sayings, or anything you think will brighten someone’s day. Hide the decorated stone next to a stop sign or at the top of a playground slide.

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