Surviving the Holidays With a Not So BoPo Family.  

by Sarah Vance

curvy health

The holidays are among us, and while it is the season for many joyous things – it also comes with some challenges to hurdle through if you are spending more time around a family that isn’t quite on board with the idea of body positivity.  

Before we get started with ways to help you survive the holiday season, let’s get one thing straight. No one has the right to make comments about your body or food choices.  

Here are my top five tips for coming out on top during the holidays: 

Be Prepared 

If you know that you are going to be around people who are going to make comments, it may be worth your time to mentally and emotionally be prepared for dealing with what they are going to potentially say. Come prepared with how you are going to respond.  

Redirect the Conversation: 

We know we cannot control others’ actions. Diversion is a great tool to use when you find a conversation sneaking towards negativity and judgement. Here are some options for redirecting the conversation: 

 “Oh! I totally forgot to ask you. How is your job going?” 

“What are your plans for the New Year?” 

“I saw you went on vacation, how was it?” 

“You know, since I stopped focusing on my weight and every single bite I eat and started focusing on how I feel…I am so much happier. What about you though? Are you doing okay?” 

Set Boundaries 

Even if you do try to redirect the conversation, some people can be really insistent on making comments or talking about how they are “concerned about your health”. In these moments when people just are not getting the point, you are allowed to say things such as: 

“You can talk to me, but not about my body or my food.”  

“What I choose to do with my body and what I am eating is none of your business.” 

“Keep your eyes on your own plate, and your thoughts to yourself.” 

“I am not talking about this.” 

“This is super boring, have anything better to talk about?” 

 And hopefully they will get the hint, if not – just walk away.  

Remember that Self- Care is Important 

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, take a moment to fill your cup back up. That could mean being by yourself and taking a hot bath, or being around people that make you feel amazing. You do have the power within you to bring yourself back to a better place mentally and emotionally.  

curvy health

Keep Yourself a Priority 

You are your priority, and that includes your mental and emotional well-being. Do what you need to do to keep yourself happy. Spend the holidays in a way that lifts you up versus spending it being torn down.  

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that you are worthy as you are right now. Food has no morality, and your body is a good body. You don’t have to deal with people making remarks on your body or food choices, and that includes your family.   

Happy Holidays!  

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