How long have you been dancing?
All my life – but I started swing dancing when I first moved to Vancouver from Montreal in 1996.

How did you start/get involved with dancing?
My parents were excellent dancers and were always supportive of the arts so I was exposed to a lot of music and dance as a child. Both these things were inspirations.

What do you love most about dancing?
Freedom and joy – I don’t like formulaic dancing so much. I prefer to be able to just get out there and have fun and not worry about making mistakes.

How does dancing make you feel?
Happy, really really happy! You will always see a big smile on my face when I am on the dance floor.

What is your favorite music to dance to and why?
I can dance to almost anything but I really enjoy dancing to Western Swing, Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues

What are some of your pet peeves while you are dancing?
Mostly when people worry too much about looking bad or making mistakes. They get so focused on what they think other people are thinking about them that they can’t have fun and it becomes a chore.

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome in order to dance?
Well, most of the men in my scene were not dancers but all of the women I knew wanted to dance so I said “Screw it – I’ll be the lead” and I ended up being the main dance partner for most of my girlfriends. This made it more challenging for me when a fella actually asked me to dance – I had to do a bit of a left brain/right brain shuffle which still challenges me.

What is some advice you have for someone who might want to give dancing a try?
Make mistakes! Screw up and enjoy yourself.

What keeps you motivated to keep dancing?
The joy it brings me – there is nothing like it.


How has dancing shaped the person you are today?
I’m sure it has boosted my confidence and made me appreciate not sweating the little things. It also helps in being able to accept myself the way I am now and work towards being healthier.

What are some of your other favorite hobbies outside of dancing?
I collect all things vintage and I’m a big tikiphile (look that one up hahaha). I also spend a lot of time with my artist/musician friends. Having a record producer/musician as a husband means I always have some interesting concerts and shows to go to.

How do your friends describe you?
Happy, friendly, sexy and fun!

Who is your role model?
There are many but I am especially thankful to my parents for helping me be an open minded, curious and caring person.

If you were a cocktail, you would be?
A 1940’s Trader Vics Mai Tai

You’d like to think that people find you?
Friendly, funny, fair and fantastic.

What do your love about yourself?
My lust for truly living my life!

What makes you FabUplus?
A good tiki cocktail!

Michelle is a loving gal who marches to the beat of her own drum. She believes that good can be found in all corners of the earth if you look hard enough for it. Michelle embraces diversity in life and knows that being open and tolerant has helped her learn much about our crazy human race.
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