How to Deal with Gym Anxiety

Author: Lexi Nimmo  Many of us have experienced the frustrating anxiety surrounding the gym. I personally have struggled with gym anxiety for years, and would sometime drive all the way to the gym just to […]

My Journey as a Plus Size Trainer

Grab a coffee, tea, cold drink…. put on your favorite leggings and pop your Feet Up its Friday   As I join you to talk all things body positive in fitness and health, I thought I would share a little about me……  So -1st up…..let’s […]

Fitness Friday- Rachel Denis Powerlifting

Athlete’s Corner: Rachel Denis Powerlifter  Rachel is a powerlifter who competes both raw and equipped with USA Powerlifting. She holds NY State records, won the Northeast Regional Raw Championship in 2016, and placed 4th at Equipped Nationals in 2017.    Tell us a bit about […]

#throwback “Get Up & Get Down with Fitness”

Get Up & Get Down with Fitness  Written By Michele Burmaster of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance    This time of year, the media and fitness industry are infamous for using guilt and shame tactics to make […]