My Relationship with Fashion

Written by: Lori “Loralyee” Moran  Fashion has always been a form of expression for me. As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with fashion. I went from hiding behind fashion to embracing it and using […]

Number Wars by Ruby Roxx

Body Positivity/Acceptance  Everyday, people all over the world seem to be at war with numbers.  Dress and pant sizes, weight, BMI’s, calories, and many more.  I am here to ask you to join me in a movement.  It is time to take back the […]

3 Radical Actions to Break Free From Body Shame

“You want me to what?” I asked my binge eating disorder therapist in disbelief.  “Stop dieting?!”  Back in 2011, I didn’t know what I do now—that the yo-yo dieting I’d been doing for decades kept me feeling horrible […]

Sundays with the Canadian Curvies!

Sundays with the Canadian Curvies! This year has been a trying one. I’ve become disconnected with myself, my faith, and the things I loved doing; dealing with a sick parent (who thankfully is on the […]

Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt 

 Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt  Written by: Elizabeth McGuffin     The classic sweatshirt gets a spring refresh in a slinky lightweight knit and vibrant painterly print. No longer reserved for casual weekends, this season’s sweatshirt […]

Fashion Dos- Stripes!

Fashion Dos!: Stripes  Written By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy   Stripes have a long history as a fashion don’t for fear of “looking bigger”.  Still, others argue they make you look thinner.  Why does it even matter?  Like any other […]

From Head to Curve

From Head To Curve     Meet Ashley, an accountant by day and blogger/YouTuber on nights and weekends.  In March 2016 Ashley started her blog From Head to Curve and is “obsessed with blogging and helping other women. I share a […]

Wardrobe Wednesday- Fashion Dos Sequins

Fashion Dos!: Sequins  By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy  Step out in sequins and sparkle this holiday! Celebrate the season and the self with festive outfits that twinkle and shine. There’s nothing wrong with standing out, making a […]