Eating Out In Style by Esther Kane, MSW, RSW, RCC

While you’re celebrating your curves with the latest fall fashion line-up, why not enjoy some fine dining as well?   I can hear you saying to yourself; “Enjoy eating out? That’s impossible!”  Yes, I actually put the word “enjoy” […]

Fitness Friday- Rachel Denis Powerlifting

Athlete’s Corner: Rachel Denis Powerlifter  Rachel is a powerlifter who competes both raw and equipped with USA Powerlifting. She holds NY State records, won the Northeast Regional Raw Championship in 2016, and placed 4th at Equipped Nationals in 2017.    Tell us a bit about […]

Plus Size Hiking – Unlikely – YES We Can! By Jenny Bruso 

Plus Size Hiking – Unlikely – YES We Can!  Written By Jenny Bruso    It’s spring and the outdoors are calling!  Interested in hiking, but don’t know where to begin?  It’s easier than you think and you likely already have what you need […]

Getting Back to the Slopes

Getting Back to the Slopes  As an avid skier I love to share my love for skiing with others.  But I’m often met with discussions around what “use to be”.  I hear comments like, “I used to ski when I was […]

Self Care Selfish

Is Self-Care Selfish? Written by Maria Koropecky, wellness coach @ Homespunspa Is self-care selfish? No, it isn’t. But for some reason, many of us feel uncomfortable about putting ourselves first on our own list and […]

Starting a New fitness Routine

3 Pillars to Starting Fitness Program – Breaking Down Where To Start By Krista Henderson from Born To Reign Athletics  Krista Henderson is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics (, a website dedicated to motivating, educating and […]

#throwback “Get Up & Get Down with Fitness”

Get Up & Get Down with Fitness  Written By Michele Burmaster of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance    This time of year, the media and fitness industry are infamous for using guilt and shame tactics to make […]

5 Easy Outfit Choices When Time Is a Factor

5 Easy Outfit Choices When Time’s A Factor  Written by:  Isobelle Miller  As women, we have an expectation thrust upon us that, especially as successful, career-driven women, our appearance must be of a certain standard to maintain […]