Love You in the Now

This is the time of year many single people dwell! Many single people hates, for the lack of wording, Valentines because they want a “boo” “lover” a “homie lover friend!” Get my drift! Blah, blah blah and more…!  Well…I […]

#ThickThighs – No Problem! by Kevil Tice

On my 36th birthday, I decided that I would do 36 new things.  I freely explored new foods, novel venues, and different social activities.  Then, it hit me.  I should free my thighs this year!  Between growing up with eczema on the back of my […]

How I Began My Body Positive Journey 

How I Began My Body Positive Journey   Written by: Kyla Jo Baker  My entire life has been a constant struggle with my body. The past four years have proven to be the toughest, and last year I found myself at my lowest point. I knew […]

Fall Cover Models – Fab Four Fashion

Fab Four Fashion  Fab Four Fashion is comprised of Gail, Judy, Leslie and Nancy, four friends living the big city life in Toronto. They are beyond excited about sharing their fashion blog ( with readers as it represents the tall, slim, curvy and plus-size […]