Are you a fashionista thinking about getting extensions to make your eyes pop or an eyelash technician who needs help choosing the right extensions for your client? When choosing lash extensions, one of the most important things to keep in mind is eye shape. Different eye shapes look better with different curls and lengths. Not sure which eye shapes match up with which extensions? We’re here to help! Here are the best eyelash extensions for every eye shape.


If you or your client have almond eyes, you’re in luck! All kinds of extensions flatter this common and versatile shape. The best choice ultimately comes down to the kind of look you’re trying to achieve. To make the eyes look fuller, opt for doe-eyes extensions, and for a bold and romantic look, cat eye extensions are the way to go.


Because round eyes are already full, it’s best to avoid extensions that make the eyes look even fuller. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re in a permanent state of shock! The best extensions for round eyes are ones that are concentrated toward the outer corners of the eye and have loose curls.


Because deep-set eyes are set further into the skull than most other eye shapes, you’ll want to avoid shorter lash lengths that will disappear beneath the prominent brow bone. Instead, choose long, loose extensions with lashes concentrated toward the center of the eye. This will make the eyes stand out beautifully.


Downturned eyes have outer corners that lie lower than the inner corners. With this eye shape, you want to choose extensions that de-emphasize the downturn and make the eyes look fuller. Doe or open-eye extensions work well. To provide a lifted look, consider using extensions with a stronger curl toward the outer eye—for example, if the inner and middle of the eye use a C curl, go with a CC curl for the outer eye.


Mature eyes feature thinner lashes and delicate skin. They also tend to droop and look less full, which makes doe and open-eye extensions a good choice. To give the eyes a youthful look, choose extensions that are short and fine. Technicians working with mature eyes should also take special care during the application process to ensure the lashes are set correctly.

Now that you know the best eyelash extensions for every eye shape, you can choose the perfect extensions for you or your client.

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