This summer, have some fun in the sun without ending up with nasty burns. Whether you spend the day on the beach or in your garden, a hat keeps you stylish and safe under the summer sunshine. Who doesn’t love a functional accessory? Explore the best hats for safe summer fun in the sun.

Classic Straw Hats

Straw hats offer excellent breathability and a lightweight feel due to their natural material composition. Their wide brims provide ample shade, protecting your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun and allowing you to spend countless hours outside without burning.

On top of providing practical sun protection, straw hats are also one of the many accessories that’ll enhance your outfit. Their straw texture adds a touch of rustic charm and some traditional Southern flair, making them a versatile accessory for a beach day, a picnic, or a day out in a garden or farm.

Sporty Baseball Cap

Summertime forecasts give you the perfect weather for outdoor sports and adventures. Baseball caps secure tightly to your head and give you plenty of shade over your fave without hindering your physical abilities. You can hike, run, and catch a ball, all while staying protected from harsh UV rays.

Baseball caps come in many different forms, giving you lots of styles and features to explore. Some caps come with dry-fit material, making them sweat-friendly and breathable. Other design variations offer different fastening methods and varying brim widths and shapes.

Retro Bucket Hat

Y2K fashion continues to be a strong trend of the 2020 decade, and bucket hats are back as a summer must-have. Between their lightweight design and full-circumference protection—shielding your face, ears, and neck—bucket hats offer lots to love.

Nowadays, you can find bucket hats in an array of fun and funky designs, allowing you to add charm to your looks. Some of the most popular summer designs include frog-themed, tie-dye, and floral bucket hats.

Chic Floppy Wide Brims

Although she’s an unlikeable character, Meredith Blake wears many iconic fashion looks in the 1998 Parent Trap movie. One of Blake’s most notable looks features a classy wide-brimmed hat that gives off shade in many ways.

Wide-brim hats provide lots of sun protection. Like any other fashionable accessory, wide brims come in many design variations, giving you many looks to explore this summer.

Take on the summer sun in style with these four must-have hats for safe summer fun in the sun. No matter your plans for enjoying the summertime sunshine, these hats will make your time outdoors an enjoyable one.

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