Since the term “charcuterie” came to the frontal consciousness of the cultural zeitgeist in America, its popularity has continued to soar. Charcuterie is a French word that describes a delicatessen that primarily consists of meats.

However, its initial presentation has evolved considerably. Now many love to make their charcuterie boards with cheese and a plethora of additional sides to enhance the flavors. Find out the best sides to add to your charcuterie board.

Pickled Vegetables

A charcuterie board contains a lot of heavy foods that coat the tongue, so you need a side that can break those flavors up. Pickled vegetables do wonders in cleansing the palate as it has more of an astringent taste.

That way, your guests can continue to enjoy the wide variety of meats, cheeses, and pairings from your board. Some pickled vegetables you can add include cornichons, pickled carrots, onions, asparagus, and cauliflower.


Fruits are an incredibly versatile side to add to your board, as they can take countless flavors and forms. For example, you can chop up a green apple or berries and have a simple side. However, you can also include dried fruits like apricots, dates, and figs.


The aspect many people love about a charcuterie board is all the different flavor combinations. You could eat the same meat or cheese, but pairing it with a new side can create an entirely distinct taste.

One of the best sides to add to your charcuterie board that you cannot let your guests miss out on trying with a variety of combinations is honey. Cheese is a great food to pair with your favorite honey, as many people love and can’t get enough of this salty-and-sweet pairing.


Nuts provide much dynamism to your charcuterie board as well. You can include candied nuts, salted nuts, or specially flavored nuts like a roasted barbecue. No matter how you serve them, nuts have a rich fatty taste that greatly complements every meat and cheese you serve.

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