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Is it me or has date night gone commercial? With the trappings of daily life work, kids, money, etc. times to be romantic can feel more like an obligation than a celebration. So how do you make it meaningful for you and your lover? Remember the saying, it’s the thought that counts? While my bride and I believe in doing nice things for each other all year long, date night is a calendar excuse to do just that. I’ve never been one to shop from a list; anyone can do that. Make it personal, instead. My sweetie made a comment once that she needed a box for her mementos of our relationship. That comment went into my mental filing cabinet and that year, I secretly hand built her a hope chest. Needless to say, she cried. Another instance, my baby spent many a late night meticulously assembling a scrapbook of the first two years of our courtship. Rather than gifting something off a shelf with a heavy price tag, this was an inexpensive, tear-jerking gift rich with love, that I still frequently leaf through. How about a handwritten love letter? Let’s be honest; greeting cards don’t always cut it and they can be so darn expensive! With pen and paper, reach into your heart and put it in a letter. My lady did and it was better than anything money could buy. Make new memories together. Rather than spending lots of money on more “stuff,” plan a special date night, get dressed to the nines and go someplace you’d only go on a special occasion, perhaps someplace new. Sure, we may still buy little gifts for one another, but we decided a while back to take the commercialism and obligation out of it and make it about each other.

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