The Chivalrous Guy – Emotional Spring Cleaning

by Johnny Zapp

Spring Blossom

Spring is a time for new growth. We start to see flowers blooming, bright colors, full trees, and golden sunshine. It’s a positive and refreshing time. Perfect for purging our closets and our minds; out with the old, in with the new.

It can be tough rummaging through your house and eliminating things. My wife has a rule: If you haven’t used or worn it in two years, donate it. I can’t be present, however, when she tackles her lingerie dresser; that’s a sad day for me, but I digress.

If you’re married or cohabitating, make it a fun thing. Turn on some music you both like and get after it! After a good liquidation, take the time to do a deep house cleaning. Sounds like a lot of work, but the rewards are outstanding and doing it together can be bonding. There’s nothing like coming home to a fresh and clean house with closet space for new clothes!

Emotional “spring cleaning” should be on the agenda, too. Let go of anything that’s lingering – dating troubles, family drama, past relationships. Clear the cache and just like your closet, make room for new and constructive things. With a clean house and a clear mind, you’re ready for dating action!

If you’re in a flourishing relationship and you’re looking to bridge the gap between falling in love and potential engagement, try having a “disclosure” talk. Spend the night with your partner and take turns completely baring your soul to one another. This means revealing every deep, dark secret – including your entire sexual past leaving no stone unturned.

It can be scary and emotional, but completely exhilarating, too. Doubts, fears, questions, and the unknown all fade away leaving behind an intense bond, security and trust never experienced before.


Johnny Zapp –
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