The beauty of confidence that comes from within is an amazing and glorious feeling. 

This is not a sob story, rant, or any kind of depress blog, but to show that many plus women from young age has always had confidence and exuded it very well! 

As a young girl growing up I have had great confidence and love for myself. Never once gave into the doubt of not loving who I am. I have always been a big girl. I have always tried and did many things that an average woman would do, that many may say that a “big girl” might not be able to do! BUT! I! CONQUER! THEM! ALL! Well, I least want to think I did! 

My confidence has always came from within. I was told I was “fat” but those words never bother me. I had always exuded confidence and the ability of loving ME! I have always been who I am today. I am the bubbly, happy, and yes, at times get depress and self-doubt young lady, BUT I thank God to have remained with high confidence and self-love. 

Now that I am older I can thank God my confidence has never left. When I look inside the mirror I see a beautiful women of courage, of love, and the strength of wisdom. I see growth! I see someone who had to question herself at times, self-doubt, and who has to constantly keep her head from heading to depression. Being confident is hard in today’s society. It can be taking away in seconds, by a single word of negativity, and or by a love one who love so dearly. 

That’s why when I look inside the mirror I see a beautiful woman who has to constantly remind herself you’re needed in the world. You are a child of God. You are love! 

As I continue to stare into the mirror I will always love me and adore who I am. I will always be in my ear and encourage me! Confidence is practice and must be exercise everyday! 

The bra I am wearing is from Torrid. 

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