The Gift of Being Present 

By:  Liis Windischmann 

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With the holidays swirling around us, it’s easy to try to cram a million and one tasks into our days. RSVP “Yes” to a multitude of get-togethers and run around trying to purchase last minute gifts. In the chaos of trying to fit everything in before the end of the year, we are often not present and instead of being in the moment and thoroughly enjoying it, we are swirling outside of it, ready to run to the next activity. Time to shake up the energy because being present is the best present we can give ourselves and our loved ones! 

The last few years have taught me a lot about simplifying life and minimizing stress. In doing so, it has helped me be more present with the people in my life. Here are a few ideas I have incorporated that can help you slow down over the holidays: 

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Just Say No 

Politely decline some invitations (with zero guilt) while making plans for coffee, lunch or dinner dates in the new year. This will allow you more opportunities for present, quality time with others.   

Spread Out The Festivities 

Who says all holiday parties must be crammed into December?  Encourage your friends or co-workers to create a new tradition with a New Year brunch or dinner party. Of course we want to celebrate over the holidays but why not spread out some of the fun? 

Create Dedicated Chill Time 

Pick a day or night for the family (or with your partner or bestie) that is all about bonding. It could involve cozying up on the couch with a roaring fire watching a classic holiday movie…  making a mess in the kitchen creating cookies together…  cutting down your own Christmas tree then making hot cocoa together. There is much energy to be found in simplicity. 


Years later, when what gifts were received have been forgotten, it’s the quiet, special moments that will be the ones that are remembered. The gift of your true presence will be cherished.  

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