The Importance of Treating Hard Water in the Home

Hard water is the result of high calcium and magnesium content levels. While in moderation these minerals can be beneficial to your body, an excessive amount can cause damage to your home. Discover the harsh effects of having a water system with high mineral levels and the importance of treating hard water in the home.

Saves Households Money

When you treat the hard water flowing through your home, you’ll quickly notice the financial benefits. Though you might have to splurge on the initial investment to treat your home’s water, you can prevent costly future repairs and replacements. Minerals build up in your pipes and appliances, causing household fixtures to wear down prematurely. Check out which home aspects diminish in cost when you apply different ways to treat hard water in your home.


Your dishwasher, laundry machines, coffee machines, ice makers, and even water heaters can die early due to scale buildup. A water softener prohibits a shortened lifespan brought on by hard water composition, preventing appliance replacements and repairs.

Gas or Electric Bills

As minerals build up in your pipes, you must increase the water pressure to successfully accomplish daily tasks. Narrow pipes also fail to quickly transfer heat, which may prompt homeowners to run their water heater more often. Both factors result in unfavorably steep gas and electric bills.

Soaps and Detergents

Soaps and detergents do not lather or rinse well with hard water, causing individuals to use more cleaning content to achieve a desired amount of suds. Soft water can penetrate clothing and dishes with ease, curtailing excessive spending on laundry detergent and dish soap.

Offers Cosmetic Perks

When you bathe, you expect the shower or bath to leave your skin and hair feeling clean and soft—not dry or grimy. The importance of treating hard water in the home transcends into cosmetic territory with the adverse effects hard water leaves on hair and skin.

  • Hard water minerals remove your skin’s natural oils, resulting in dry, flaky skin.
  • Soft water provides an effective lather with body washes and shampoos. Avoid wasting money on extra bathing products by opting for a home filtration or softener system.
  • Hard water dulls hair color and makes hair texture brittle, while soft water balances your do’s pH level.

Assures Clean Dishes and Laundry

Nobody wants to spend their free time rewashing their dishes or laundry that just ran through a cleaning appliance for hours. With hard water, it’s common to get caught up rewashing or scrubbing down lime and scum residue on bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Save yourself time and energy by utilizing a home water softener system. You’ll deal with less insoluble soap scum, freeing you of cleaning frustrations and unsightly appliances.

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