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by Sarah-Jane Morales |

Summer is finally here: my favorite time to kick back, relax and have a little fun in the sun. But my care-free attitude does not mean slacking on my skincare routine. Of course, I have my go-to sunscreen, a must-have essential. A throbbing sunburn can halt my plans, for sure. But you know what else can put a damper on summer fun? Chub rub – also known as chafing. This painful irritation commonly forms between the thighs, along the bust and on the underside of arms where skin rubs together, causing friction. Ouch.

But this summer? I have a secret sidekick to help you enjoy the season, chafe-free: the brand-new, 100% organic Chub Rub® Formula from Zone Naturals. It’s a product several years in the making. The idea came from parent company MedZone, who you may know from their popular PlusZone brand. As MedZone became more involved with the plus size industry, they began gathering insights from community thought leaders, bloggers, influencers and more. A piece of feedback they heard continuously was the desire for a product sourced from natural ingredients. Enter: Chub Rub® Formula.

This all-natural anti-chafing stick is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil that moisturize and protect for hours at a time. Using it couldn’t be easier: Simply swipe it along the skin wherever you chafe. It can even help diminish scarring from past chafing, thanks to the help of Vitamin E. For on-the-go protection, slip into a beach bag, purse or pocket.

Chub Rub Formula
All Natural Anti-Chafe Beauty Stick. Chub Rub Formula.

Count on Chub Rub® Formula to keep your skin happy and hydrated. One of my top concerns was if it would feel greasy or worse, clumpy like deodorant. So, I was happy to find that this formulation is completely residue free, making it safe to wear with whichever swimsuits, sundresses, shorts and fabrics I want. I’ll be bringing mine everywhere I go this summer: to the beach, outdoor weddings, festivals and parades, road trips, and beyond.

Bathroom counter space is like precious real estate to me, but this anti-chafing stick has earned a permanent spot in my skincare line-up. I’m all about products that provide real solutions to real problems – and chub rub is a real, painful problem that can shut down even the most fun plans. Don’t let that happen! Whether you’re looking forward to long, lazy days poolside or enjoying morning sessions of Zumba in the park, live your best summer with Chub Rub® Formula for long-lasting, everyday chafing protection.

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