The Plus Strut

An interview with Joy Tribble

The Plus Strut

Tell us a bit about yourself.

With over 15 + years of broadcast and event management knowledge, in addition to, 15 years of plus modeling and brand ambassador experience, I bring a wealth of information and strategic know how to the plus community. I understand the plus woman, and the achievements of the industry, as well as areas of opportunity, because I am her. I understand how I want to be represented, communicated to, and celebrated. It’s important to me, to impact our world, in the best way and to show people, we can.

What’s unique about The Plus Strut?

It’s the first 5K in North America of its kind, where plus women, won’t have to worry about getting judgmental looks or “the eye”, or the whispers of, “What is she doing here?”, “Can she do this?” , “Will she make it to the finish line?” The answer is, HELL YES! This is the event where one woman will look at another woman, that may be struggling, grab her by the hand and say, “You can do it, and we’ll finish this, TOGETHER!” This will be the Boston Marathon for the plus community!

What inspired you to start this event?

It was important to me to be a change agent, to help adjust the narrative on what it means to be plus size. Often times, in mainstream media, they make it seem like plus women are in a deficit or that we have the inability to “show up”, in all of our greatness. People tend to think that when your body is shaped a certain way, that it can’t achieve things, particularly when it comes to physical activities. At a very basic level, if you don’t have any physical abnormalities, everyone can walk, but sometimes due to poor societal imaging and not feeling celebrated, events like 5K’s, don’t market or show plus women achieving these types of feet. When you see other people achieving things that you once considered out of reach, it gives you permission and ultimately the courage to try.

Tell us how you came up with the name.

When you think about a curvy woman, without even trying, she commands your attention. Whether it’s her statuesque frame or the sway of her hips…It’s hypnotic! So, The Plus Strut™ emerged because when a plus size woman walks… she STRUTS. Hence, “The Plus Strut™”.

How long has The Plus Strut been happening?

2018 is the inaugural year, for this event.

What do plus women need to know about The Plus Strut™?

They need to know that, THIS ONES FOR US!

Who inspires you?

OPRAH WINFREY, BEYONCE AND MICHELLE OBAMA if I had chosen a person, but generally, women who own their power. I love to see women of all ethnicities, shapes, sizes and economic backgrounds, bring a vision they have to live and fight for what they believe in.

What do you want to say to women who may not yet have the confidence to Strut their Plus?

We all need help finding our voice, but this is their event. Confidence emerges when we feel safe — I want them to feel safe and know that this community of women is ready to stand alongside them and support them like a good set of training wheels. Once they cross the finish line, it will afford them the ability, to stand boldly in the fullness, of their feminine strength.

What is one message you’d like to leave our readers with today?

Plus size women of all fitness levels, from beginner to pro, are encouraged to participate. This isn’t the 5K where they’ll be worried about pulling up the rear. No woman will be left behind – the goal here is to finish, and to celebrate who they are, where they are!


Joy Tribble is the creator and founder of The Plus Strut™ 5K. I’m also a morning drive on-air, radio personality, in Atlanta GA.
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