Haircare is a pretty broad concept; no routine is the same, and they all use a unique combination of products. But if there’s one thing all hair regimens have in common, it’s the idea that having a structured way of caring for your hair is beneficial to its overall growth and health. On the other hand, have you ever wondered what could happen if you neglect basic care principles? Here are some of the shocking consequences of bad hair care you likely weren’t aware of.

Slower Hair Growth

For those that strive to have longer hair, if you don’t see any improvement in length, something might be hindering your hair’s growth cycle. While genetics, nutrition, and stress can contribute to minor differences in hair growth, some people overlook their hair habits. They don’t consider how harmful unhealthy practices can be.

Significant causes of poor hair health include practices such as not using a microfiber towel to gently dry hair or using excess heat when drying and styling.

Additionally, not washing your hair regularly allows dirt and haircare products to accumulate on the scalp and suffocate the follicle. However, the number of wash days may vary from person to person depending on their hair type and the amount of hair they have.

Odor Production

When you don’t wash your hair for extended periods, your scalp accumulates oils that become trapped. In addition to suffocating hair follicles, the excessive build-up of oils and dirt also causes odors.

Be careful when applying hair care products directly onto the scalp since they can jumpstart build-up accumulation.

Increased Risk of Ingrown Hairs

With the increased presence of buildup on the scalp comes a greater chance of getting ingrown hairs. Layers of dirt and grime make it challenging for new growth to come through.

With nowhere to sprout, hairs grow underneath the outermost layer of the scalp and cause unsightly ingrown hairs that can often be painful.

Itchy and Flaky Scalp

While dirty hair doesn’t cause dandruff, its accumulation can produce flakes. Dandruff then causes an itchy scalp.

Something important to keep in mind is that everyone’s hair is different and responds to methods uniquely. Maintain a routine that works best for you and your hair. Now that you know there are consequences of bad hair care, you can avoid them. When you take care of your hair properly, you can turn something good into something extraordinary.

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