There Are No “Good” or “Bad” Foods

by Beth Rosen

There are no good or bad foodsThe diet industry provides us with food categories that are dependent on the dogma of the latest diet. If you have been a chronic dieter, then you are aware that foods may flip-flop from “good” to “bad” and back again, depending on the rules of the current diet fad. 

In an effort to change our thought processes around food categories, we can re-group foods according to their role in our eating pattern: “Work” foods are those foods that physically nourish us. They pack a big nutrient punch, thus doing the majority of the work within our bodies that make them function, grow, and thrive. “Play” foods are those that may not contain as many nutrients, but are foods that we enjoy, and may emotionally nourish us. These are the foods we tend to eat at celebrations or when connecting with others.  

Both work and play foods have a place in your eating pattern, and snack time is typically when we may choose to have a work food or a play food. Some days, you may have both – and that’s okay!  

One of the wonderful characteristics of the “work” and “play” food categories is that the groupings are on a continuum; a work food can have play ingredients but still work for you, just as play food can have work ingredients and still be fun to eat. When foods are no longer categorized, they lose their power. Food becomes just food and you can enjoy all foods – both work and play – without the guilt and confusion from the ever-changing diet rules.


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