Your hair is a vessel of expression—it’s bleached, dyed, cut, and styled to your mood and goes through lasting change. However, to keep your hair protected, you implement proper hair care strategies to reduce any damage and breakage. But have you done all you can to protect your hair? Here are some things you didn’t know could damage your hair that you’ve most likely have done or used at some point.

Incorrect Hair Brushing

Despite what some say, brushing your hair frequently does not help promote shiny, healthy hair. Excessive hair brushing can do the opposite—especially if you’re not implementing proper brushing techniques.

Keep in mind that if you’re removing knots, you should work from the ends to the roots and not the other way around, as this pulls on your strands and can cause mechanical damage. Start in small sections, then work up to the root to smooth out knotting.

Hair Pins and Elastics

Elastics are incredibly useful—however, it’s essential to note the amount of pulling and breakage they cause during styling. Don’t forget about those hairpins! Hairpins are just as responsible for hair damage because they pull your hair when they’re taken in or out. You can mitigate the chances of breakage by spraying these accessories and your ends with a deep conditioner for easier removal.

Your Pillow

While this particular point is geared more towards those with curlier hair, pillows can affect people of all hair types. While you rest your head on your pillow, keep in mind that your pillowcase is a culprit for hair snags and frizz. Silk pillowcases are not only smoother on your locks but prevent you from waking up with a bedhead the next day.

Wearing the Same Styles

If you’re a fan of the messy bun or high ponytail, consider switching up your hairstyles. While these styles are cute, quick, and convenient, they can often be tight and stressful on your hair. Styling your hair in the same day in and day out can cause a ring of breakage, especially if you place your elastic in the same area.

Stress and Lack of Sleep

Stress affects the body in multiple ways, and your hair is not immune to it. Not getting enough rest negatively impacts your health and can contribute to higher stress levels and hair loss.

Don’t panic, though. While it’s okay to worry, now that you’re aware of what you didn’t know could damage your hair, you can take proper action to change any bad habits. Your hair is an extension of you, so treating it with the care and attention it deserves is how you’ll have truly great hair.

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