Curvy Temptations Lingerie

Twynya, the founder of Curvy Temptations Lingerie, got the kernel of her idea for a range of exciting plus size lingerie when she was a young girl. She was looking for a lingerie gift for her mother and could not find anything sexy or even fashionable in plus sizes. It was all so plain and functional, as though plus size women didn’t want or deserve to feel sexy. Twynya knew that this wasn’t right and so she decided to do something about it.

Fast forward to the end of high school, Twynya took a business course and was looking into her passion for music as her first business. But the idea for sexy plus size lingerie was still lingering there in her mind and she decided that this would be the way forward.So many businesses are born from needs and wants that are not being catered to. Curvy Temptations Lingerie is a business that started from a need and is growing quickly into what women really want. Corsets are the in item at the moment and they sell out in no time as Curvy Temptations Lingerie is right on the cutting edge of plus size lingerie fashion.

2014 saw the first Curvy Temptations line of lingerie launched at a Las Vegas fashion show and has since gone from one success to another. Twynya has always loved lingerie and saw a real need for someone to provide that sexy look and feel to plus size women from an early age. This intensified later in life and you can see the passion, as well as the attention to detail, in every item produced by the brand.

The products are sold online and the feedback from customers has been amazing. Her range of risqué products, that make women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy and desired, is truly something that the plus size market has been crying out for. It embodies the body-positive movement as a simple slip of sexiness can change the way women look and feel, and change the way they live their lives. By looking great and feeling good about themselves, women are able to accept the body they are in and be sexy at any size!

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