Weddings are a special, wonderful time for your family as you celebrate a loved one’s marriage. Gifts are a necessary part of this celebration, and while some people can pick the perfect gift with little trouble, others struggle. If you need some thoughtful wedding gift ideas for your loved one, we can help. Keep reading to find inspiration.

Think Outside the Box

Some of the best gifts are ones that can’t fit in a box, and that’s OK. The engaged couple is starting a new phase of life together, so pre-paid experiences are a fantastic way for you to help them explore new things. You don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars into an expensive getaway, either. Buy a gift card to a local escape room or a day pass at a local attraction. If you’re not sure what they’d like, buy them something they can take on various journeys together, such as a Polaroid camera or personalized water bottles.

Get Personal

Water bottles are just the tip of the personalized gift iceberg. Many people purchase newlywed couples personalized gifts with words like “bride” and “groom.” If you want to give them something they’ll use that feels more personal than general wedding paraphernalia, buy something featuring their names or details of their relationship.

For example, you could pick a wooden photo frame with their names and wedding date burned into the bottom of the frame as a perfect caption. If they’re religious, you could choose a special type of leather-bound bible such as a wedding bible or family chronicle bible. This gift allows them to write down important dates in their shared life.

Pamper Them

Wedding planning is a stressful time. When your loved one and their new spouse come home from their honeymoon, the reality of unwrapping presents, writing thank-you notes, and getting into the swing of married life will hit. Your gift can help ease that transition back into normal life.

Pay for a subscription service to something that will make them feel pampered and special even after the lights of the big day fade, such as a wine or flower subscription box. If you can only afford a one-time gift, consider something they can use again and again, like a cuddly throw blanket or a fun cocktail machine.

The right thoughtful wedding gift will depend on what your loved one and their new spouse will most enjoy. If they have a registry, check that list first so that you can buy something you know they’ll love. Even if others have finished off the registry or you feel confident going off-list, their suggestions will help you find the perfect present for their big day.

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