Three Things You Can do tSignificantly Reduce Holiday Season Stress 

holiday stress 

Whenever you get stressed out, for any reason, your body interprets it as if you are face to face with a bear and have to run for your life.  

Whether it’s stress caused by an overwhelming feeling of having too many things to do or a traffic jam, it is all the same to your body. It will prepare you to flee and run as fast as you can by releasing an entire cascade of stress hormones that will, literally, signal the release of absurd and detrimental amounts of sugar into your bloodstream so you can use to run from that ‘bear’ – this causes your to health decline very quickly.  

The Holiday season is a time of extreme chronic stress for most people because we all want to live up to that perfect picture of what it is supposed to be like. But if you define what a good holiday season means to you, and then act on that without worrying about how it is going to look to other people, you will have the most relaxing and amazing Holiday season ever.  

holiday stressHere are 3 things you can do to get started: 


  1. Start journaling everyday: what does the Holiday season mean to you? How do you want to feel? What do you really want to do? Pick one thing to act upon and do it. Ex: Holiday to me means spending more time with family and not at other parties- kindly decline all invitations to parties and feel the stress melting away forever.  
  2. Establish a daily meditation habit: meditation will change how your body responds to stress chemically and will, therefore, change how you feel when you encounter a stressful situation. It will also make you WAY more aware of what YOU want and don’t want in your Holiday season and life. 
  3. Give yourself permission to say no. If something doesn’t feel like a ‘Hell yeah!’ don’t do it. When you get good at this, your stress will not only melt away during the Holidays but anytime and for the rest of your life.  


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