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 By: Mauri Bigelow – Phat Girl Fresh 

Maui Bigelow is the curator of PHAT Girl Fresh, a lifestyle blog that caters to women and offers a feminist approach to life. The mission of PHAT Girl Fresh is to be a voice for women while encouraging them to find and use their own voices. She enjoys advocating for women and girls, staying informed on social, fashion and beauty trends and sharing her gifts with other women. 

Maui Bigelow is a freelance writer, as well as a lifestyle and plus size blogger. Maui is a contributing editor for Gorgeous In Grey and The Curvy Fashionista, two brands that are well-known and respected among woman in the plus size, fashion and beauty industries. She was recently named the 2016 Blog Correspondent for Full Figured Fashion Week. She has been recognized on several media platforms for her writing, body positivity and her willingness to encourage and empower women. 

Maui was named Curvy Couture‘s Curvy Girl Of the Month for June 2015. Maui has been featured in articles for Plus Model MagazineMic.com  BustleBuzzfeed and has been a guest on the Chenese Lewis Show. 

Recently, Maui has become known as a voice in the plus size community who speaks to body positivity. Although she has been spreading the message of self-love, body acceptance and plus size inclusion, the world recognized her once her post; Crop Tops & Big Bellies: I Wear What I Want, Even At A Size 24, went viral. The post was picked up by mainstream media outlets like; Good Housekeeping, Allure, Daily Mail, Yahoo and Seventeen Magazine 

Maui is also the producer of PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled, a annual event that celebrates womanhood and honors six women who are the epitome of what the PHAT Girl Fresh brand stands for. These woman are; PASSIONATE, HAPPY, APPRECIATIVE AND TRUE (P.H.A.T) and they use their platforms to empower other women in the midst of their success. This event takes place each year in May in Atlanta, Georgia and boast the support of women from all walks of life.

Maui Bigelow and her blog – PHAT Girl Fresh are reaching new heights, it is not the first award that Maui has won and we’re sure it won’t be the last. Her blog focuses on the twin aims of being a voice for women while encouraging them to find their own voice as well and use it. It offers a feminist approach to life for readers and is body positive in every sense of the phrase. 

The plus size community has been given a voice by the advent of blogging as real women have been able to communicate, connect and support each other in a way that the fashion industry and mainstream media has neglected. Bloggers have come out and shown their ideas, inspirations and fashion without having to apologize for the person they are and the body they are in. It has helped to push the fashion industry forwards and now fashionable and sexy clothing is available for women of all shapes and sizes because the community demanded it. 

Maui started her blog after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She had gone through chemotherapy and lost a lot of her hair, she was depressed and saw darker days ahead. It got to the point where she didn’t want other people to see her and how she looked. As she came through the cancer Maui realized that she wanted to use the experience to help others. She wanted to reach out to other people and make connections that help people learn from the experiences of others. The blog was a natural extension of that thinking and started soon after. 

The PHAT in PHAT Girl Fresh stands for Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True and just came to Maui when she was doodling and thinking about her blog. The logo soon followed and from there it has blossomed. In her younger days Maui dreamed of being an author and a school teacher and she has now achieved both of these dreams – and much more. As a freelance writer Maui Bigelow is a contributing editor for Gorgeous In Grey and The Curvy Fashionista too. She has been featured in magazines globally as her blog and positive message resonates with millions of people worldwide. 

Maui is passionate about women helping other women. As women that have had similar experiences, they can help each other learn and grow. The energy and positivity that Maui sees on a daily basis is a wonderful thing. This is what happens when women get together to support each other and FabUPlus magazine know the future is bright if we all take Maui’s approach to life.

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