*original publication in Summer 2017 Issue*

Dear Love Book Review

Dear Love: A Collection of Love Letters Written to Love, authored by Chamia LaRae Chambers, is a provocative introspection on the many aspects of love. The book is comprised of a collection of intimate love notes addressed to someone named “Love”, from “Me”, giving it a unique perspective, and allowing the reader to make a connection with each letter while imagining what it means to them personally. From letters about a tragic love lost and unrequited feelings to new infatuated love, the reader is taken on a journey through different levels of intimacy that accompany this powerful emotion that all humans desire.

Chambers lives and breathes music; it is a vital piece of her daily life. Her passion for the art is evident in her book. Not only does she quote a range of lyrics that ring true to each letter’s context, but every note in the book has its own inspirational track, injecting even more life and feeling into the words on the page.

Love means different things to different people, and one can experience many different types of love throughout their lifetime, from love between a parent and a child, to high school sweethearts, or love between devoted friends and lovers. There’s something for everyone in this sweet and passionate title.

As Chambers writes in Dear Love, “Real love endures bad circumstances, stupid decisions, weight gain or loss, credit crises, naysaying, job losses, relocations, friend fallouts, family interference and anything else life throws at it. Real love transcends everything. Real love is everything.”


Dear Love can be purchased through major book retailers online globally, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Books and Barnes & Noble. Follow the author, Chamia LaRae Chambers on social media @justchamia.
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