*original publication Summer 2017 Issue*

Independent Retailer – Undersummers

CarrieRae’s journey began with an insecurity about her body, particularly her thighs. But that journey has come a long way with her thighs now being front and center of all the marketing for her Undersummers shorts. She took a long time through school and early adulthood to fighting with the way she felt about her weight. When CarrieRae became a mother, she decided to be happy with the body she was in. And now she is the model for her own line.

After experiencing the hot and humid Houston summers, CarrieRae decided that there must be a better way for women to be able to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses without having to battle with rashes. She tried many homemade solutions but none really delivered the comfort and protection she was after. Like many great ideas, the Undersummers line that you see today came from one woman’s need. It didn’t take long for CarrieRae to discover that other women had the same issue and were waiting for a solution.

Designing specifically for plus size women has meant that CarrieRae has been able to listen to her audience and develop with their needs in mind. she has seen sales grow and the feedback from customers is fantastic. To have a product that is inspired by function but also looks great a great appeal to her customers. The products are high quality and celebrate the wearer, rather than trying to hide the curves that women have. Undersummers are the perfect companion to those hot steamy summer days that are just around the corner.


Website: undersummers.com
Instagram: @undersummers
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