The Time to Create and Act on Your Bucket List Is Right Now 

Liis Windischmann 


bucket list

Have you created your bucket list? All the adventures and accomplishments you would like to check off before you, ahem, kick the bucket? Instead of simply thinking of what you would like to do or where you would like to visit, write all your dreams down and then start doing them! 

If we make lists for everyday occurrences like running errands and grocery shopping, we need to make lists for what is most important in life, for what lights us up and makes us happy.  So, here is a challenge for you – stop just thinking and talking about it and create your list! 


Ask yourself: 


Where have I always wanted to visit? A far-off country might be on your list but so could adding in more spur of the moment road trips and weekend getaways. Create an action plan with a timeline and a savings account to start making your bucket list dream trips reality. 


What hobby or skill have I always wanted to explore? Whether it is tango dance lessons, surfing or jewellery making, start with the one that is the most attainable financially and timewise for you right now to gain momentum. Check off more than one item on your bucket list by sleuthing to find out if you can take classes when you visit one of your dream locations.  


What have I always wanted to do? Perhaps you have always secretly wished you got your university degree, completed a marathon or climbed a mountain. Write down your dream wish but then go further by writing down all the steps needed in order for this bucket list idea to come to life including training, time, money, travel etc. It is much easier to complete a task when it is broken down into bitesize chunks.  


As you create your life’s bucket list, challenge yourself to also create an action plan with a timeline. And while you are at it, ask your bestie or partner to do the same. Often times adventure is more fun (and more economical) with a friend! 

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