Timeless Style Tips for Curvy Women

Who says curvy women can’t be stylish? Fashion is for everyone after all, regardless of shape and size. And with more and more fashion brands becoming conscious about size inclusivity while beginning to cater to curvy and plus-size women, it’s now just a little easier to shop for the clothes you want. But how do you flaunt those curves the right way? If you’re feeling a little lost, here are some tried and tested tips that can best highlight your curvy figure in 2019 and beyond.

Good undergarments are key

Cheerful diverse plus size women at the beach

One rule of thumb in fashion is to wear good undergarments because these have a powerful effect on defining your outfit. For instance, Undywear points out that high-rise panties have the ability to hide unwanted muffin tops. Meanwhile, a well-fitted bra can bring out the best in your shirt or blouse of the day.

Belts have power

Although often overlooked, a belt can have just as much of an impact as a handbag can. If you have a dress that’s one size bigger or awkward in some parts of your body, you can transform it by throwing on a wide belt. This not only hides the extra fabric but also accentuates your curves. Moreover, belts are great for making a look more cohesive, especially when mixing and matching skirts and tops in the way we previously explored here on fabUplus Magazine.

High-waisted bottoms are your friend

If you want to take the attention away from your stomach area, embrace high-waisted pants. Aside from covering your folds, they can also make your figure look much longer. Thanks to today’s standards of size inclusivity, it won’t be as tough to look for the best bottoms for you. The variety of brands providing plus-size bottoms featured on Self Magazine are a testament to that. The list includes stores like Universal Standard, NYDJ, and Ashley Stewart.

Know your fabrics

The type of fabric greatly affects some of the most important characteristics of any piece of clothing: the comfort, durability, shape, and more. That’s why certain fabrics may not be flattering to curvy bodies. For instance, don’t pick clothes with fabrics that cling to the body, like polyester. You’re better off with materials such as cotton or chiffon. Not only will these mask any folds or unwanted flab, they’re also lightweight and versatile. Once you’ve mastered the art of choosing which textiles look best on you, you can then try your hand at mixing and matching them to play with texture. Just take your cue from our Model Monday guest Sabrina Servance!

Mind the shoes

Last but definitely not least, know that shoes also play a huge role in flattering your curves. For instance, you can make your figure look more slender by wearing pointed toe shoes or low heels. If you have short legs, however, low-cut shoes may be better. These types of shoes will make your legs seem longer, subsequently elongating your entire frame. Aside from these considerations, your choice in shoes in general can also add that much-needed <em>oomph</em> to any outfit, as we’ve previously seen through Georgette Niles’ festive pointy flats and Amber McCulloch’s sparkly heels.

Comfort is paramount

The truth is, life is just too short to wear ill-fitting clothes. The array of dresses on Woman Within emphasizes the importance of comfort as this will help bring out your confidence. No matter what your size, clothes that are easy to move in give you more room to flaunt your curves and show the world how much you embrace your body. So don’t be afraid to prioritize comfort over the latest trends, and look for breathable fabrics and thoughtful details that can enhance your curves while also being cozy. Avoid items that bring you only pain or inconvenience. Ultimately, what’s more important is feeling good, which is the first step towards looking good.

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