Tip the Scale; Weigh Your Options  

Author: Sydney R. Shoffner   

body confidence

We live in the age of millennials. We live in the age of breaking barriers. We live in the age of feminism. What this means is: the time to love yourself for ALL that you are is NOW. My name is Sydney Shoffner and I tip the scale when you weigh your options, literally. 


I have gone a long time hiding behind society’s image of what is beautiful, not realizing that I am the image of what is beautiful. Growing up, seeing women who tip the scale have the guts to still be boldly beautiful gave me such a happy feeling. Seeing women like Monique Angela Hicks, known professionally as Mo’Nique, be so honest about who she is inspired me to KNOW that I am fabulous no matter what “ideal” image society portrays. We can all agree on one thing: self-love is the best love and it is a beautiful, contagious thing! This is why I have started this movement. 

 body confidence

When you own every curve and begin to love yourself out loud, you give off an energy that nobody can negate. A bold, happy, self-loving woman will always be beautiful in the eyes of many, but she must first master BELIEVING these things about herself. Once you grasp this concept, everything begins to change around you. If you are a sexy woman who “tips the scale,” join me as I spread this message and become an advocate for self-love, always, in ALL WAYS. 


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Photography: Deen Harrison: @deensvision 

Make Up: Simone Price @youcantstopthebeatxo 

Style/Clothing: Fashionova & Forever 21 Plus 

body confidence

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