So you’ve decided to buy a new car. That’s exciting! But if you’re not quite ready to go into the dealership, that’s okay. Many dealerships and car sellers alike can be intimidating because they always seem to be in control of the new keys. Newsflash: They’re not! You’re in control, girl. Here are a few tips for being confident when buying a new car!

Do Your Homework

Your research shouldn’t just include looking at different prices. You’ll need to decide what kind of vehicle suits your needs both now and five years in the future. You can choose from many classes, ranging from sedans, minivans, or trucks to hatchbacks, convertibles, or crossovers (to name a few).

Shop around! Use the internet to your advantage as a buyer. You don’t have to stick to Dealership A because it’s five minutes away. Venture out and visit new dealerships to gather prices and info that you can compare at home.

Determine Which Vehicle Is Best for You

Do you want a manual or automatic transmission? It’s essential to understand the myths and facts about manual and automatic transmissions before you choose your preference. It will help narrow down your search and determine which dealerships you should visit.

A key part of narrowing your search is to determine whether you want a new or used car. Buying a new car may sound like the best deal, but unfortunately, it’s not. A new vehicle decreases in value as soon as you drive it off the lot, and dealers will typically drive up their prices based on the car’s demand and popularity.

Going with a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle may be your best route to get a reasonable price, value, and overall great car. Most CPO vehicles come with specials, so do your homework to determine which one is right for you.

Create a Budget (And Stick To It)

Once you’ve decided which vehicle you want, compare prices between different models. Base trims are typically cheaper, but they may not have everything you’re looking for in a car. Determine which features are more important to you. Do you need Apple CarPlay? Or can you go without it for now and maybe add it in the future? Making these decisions ahead of time will prepare you to walk into the dealership with a more concrete idea of what you need.

Don’t hesitate to visit multiple dealers! Some dealerships may offer one thing while another offers something entirely different. Dealership A may offer better financing, but Dealership B may have free service and repairs for five years.

Be Ready To Walk Away

The dealership’s goal is to get you to buy that shiny new car on their lot. But the fact is, no matter what they say to convince you to buy on the spot, you’re in control of that sales transaction. One of the most important factors of buying a new car is being confident. By doing your research, comparing other dealers, and showing confidence, you’re telling them that you know your stuff and will not back down.

Buying a car isn’t as easy as the commercials make it look. It may take months for you to find and purchase your dream car, but in the end, it’s all worth it when the wind is blowing through your hair!

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