Getting a clean wax takes some practice. Whether you need to perfect your waxing for at-home use or hone your profession as a wax artist, read our tips for getting a smooth hair removal waxing.

Choose Your Target Area

You should never apply wax aimlessly to your or your client’s skin. Decide on which of the different types of waxing techniques you’d like to use to guide the process and your wax application.

Different target areas may require different types of wax. For example, soft wax is typically best for larger areas with a greater pain tolerance such as legs, whereas hard wax may be best for coarse hair in sensitive regions such as the bikini line.

Make Sure the Hair Is an Appropriate Length for Waxing

Before going in with wax, you may need to trim the hair. On the flip side, you may need to wait for hair to grow a little more so that the wax or wax strip can actually grip to something.

Get the Skin Fresh and Dry

Make sure the skin you’re waxing is clean before applying product to reduce the risk of infection. Minimizing the oil on the skin’s surface also makes for faster, more effective waxing.

The skin should also be dry, making it easier for wax to adhere to hair. Pre-wax powder helps absorb any existing moisture for a smoother wax, too. A little powder goes a long way in protecting the skin as well.

Apply Pre-Depilatory Oil

Another option for protecting skin during the waxing process is pre-depilatory oil. Before applying hard wax to skin, you can apply wax oil. The oil will condition the skin beforehand, and you can also apply it afterward to remove any residual stickiness and calm skin.

Apply Wax in the Same Direction as Hair Growth, Pull Against the Grain

Topping off our top tips for getting a smooth hair removal waxing, we have steps for proper application. When you apply your wax, regardless of whether you’re using hard or soft, spread it in the direction that your hair grows.

If you’re applying strips, be sure to apply them in the same direction as hair growth, too. When the wax is ready, you’ll hold your skin taut and pull against the grain quickly.

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