Even if the recipient is in your close-knit circle, giving the right gift can be a daunting task. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, wedding, or another special event, choosing the best present is crucial. Giving gifts isn’t everything, but it can deepen and strengthen your relationship and understanding with another person. Check out these tips for giving the best gifts to different types of people.

Don’t Make It About You

Giving gifts shouldn’t be about you; rather, it’s about the recipient. If they say they only want items from a particular wish list, don’t get them something else to be more thoughtful or profound. Maybe they’re trying to reduce unnecessary clutter in their home, and getting stuff they won’t use will hinder that process. Getting them something you want rather than something they want isn’t the best way to go about giving gifts. Don’t make it about you, ever.

Better Late Than Never

Even if the gift comes late or you had last-minute notice of their birthday or another event, gifts are always better late than never. You can always give them one part of their gift and the other when it comes, or give them a card now to let them know that a gift is coming. While the person probably won’t have an issue with not receiving a gift, sometimes a belated present is nice. Don’t hesitate to give a late gift.

Know the Recipient—Be Respectful

Whether the recipient is your best friend or a distant coworker, you should know them enough to buy a proper gift. For instance, you probably know everything about your best friend, and you can get them anything from their favorite wine to new clothes. On the other hand, you probably don’t know your coworker well enough to get them a super personal gift. However, if you know that they love their dog, knowing a few gifts that dog parents will appreciate can help you give a meaningful yet appropriate present.

Knowing the recipient and considering your relationship with the person is the best way to set boundaries and determine what’s appropriate to give as a gift. Although you don’t want to seem impersonal, it’s possible to be too personal.

Consider Something Handmade

Many people don’t want you to buy expensive gifts for them or their children, and you should respect their wishes. With that in mind, you can give them something small and handmade to take the pressure off the situation. Whether you make soaps and lotions or tasty treats, everyone appreciates something homemade.

Hopefully, these tips for giving the best gifts to different types of people can help you overcome the stress and dread of finding and deciding on the right gift. Regardless of the occasion, gifts are a great way to let someone know you care; however, respecting boundaries and making it about the recipient is the most important thing to remember.

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