Tips for Living a More Fashion-Forward Lifestyle

At times, looking to jump into the world of fashion and beauty can feel intimidating—especially if you don’t fit into society’s projection of what “beautiful” should look like. It’s time to throw all that garbage about beauty standards out the window and start to think about what kinds of fashion make you feel happy and empowered.

You don’t need a degree in fashion design to begin living a fashion-forward lifestyle! Lift your mood and your self-esteem with these tips for living a more fashion-forward lifestyle. You’ll become a fashion icon for all your peers with some dedication.

Research Trends, But Make Them Your Own

Beginning your fashion journey often starts with some thorough research on popular and upcoming trends. There’s no shame in following popular trends—but once you’re comfortable rocking one style, try to add (or remove) something to make it your own look.

Turning trendy fashion statements into something more unique will help you transition into developing your own image. A unique image is important for creating a social media presence!

Switch up Your Wardrobe

Keeping your style fresh and unpredictable is a skill that’s difficult to master. One way to keep people guessing is to switch out the clothes you wear every once in a while. You can go about a wardrobe shift during the change of seasons. Right now, you should think about stowing away your winter clothes and switching your wardrobe to a spring wardrobe.

Be Bold and Treat Yourself

Confidence and courage take time to develop, unless you were born with the heart of a lion. Don’t be afraid to take a step outside of your comfort zone and make a bold fashion statement. The best method for rocking unusual or unique styles or textures is to take it on with confidence. Even when you’re not sure it works, if you like the fashion, then your confidence makes the look pop.

Pair your bold new outfit with a perfect makeup combo for extra glamour. And always ask your friends for advice when you’re unsure how to create an outfit out of a new piece of clothing—you may just get some excellent inspiration and a quick self-esteem boost.

The most important tip for living a more fashion-forward lifestyle, especially as a plus-size lady, is to treat yourself to the fashion you know you deserve. Find the perfect brand that represents your sparkling personality—don’t let a clothing company give you the bland plus-size design treatment.

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